Zak Hutson

Carpazine: Tell us about yourself.

Zak Hutson: I am 41 years-old. I currently reside in Phoenix AZ. I attended a few different schools when I was younger. The first was Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in 2000 located in Denver Colorado. I studied computer animation in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a few years and earned an associates degree in computer animation in 2004. The last school I attended was the University of New Mexico. I was studying painting, printmaking and photography. I began creating artwork as a child. It was something I was always interested in. My parents were very supportive and always encouraged me to pursue any aspect of art I was interested in. 

Carpazine: Can you describe your work?

Zak Hutson: My work is about a parallel dystopian universe. I am fascinated by the concept of astral projection, life beyond death, and travelling between parallel worlds. I derive my inspiration from a variety of sources. I am an avid reader of pulp science fiction novels and anything about psychedelic shamanism. I meld these worlds of science and spiritualism together in my work. An aspect of horror, and fears unnamed, are central themes I explore in a variety of media. The majority of my work is oil and acrylic with elements of collage. I find old magazines and books at second hand stores and use imagery from those sources to create my work. I am also a photographer, if a certain image captivates me I will incorporate it into my mixed media work as well. I paint on any surface, usually it’s on the back of old photographs, other times it’s on wood or foamcore. In most cases I don't have a preconceived idea of what I am going to create. I will start scribbling in a sketchbook and that helps me generate some ideas to choose from.

Carpazine: Who are you major influences?  

Zak Hutson: My major influences in the art world would be Gustav Klimt, Joel-Peter Witkin, and Andrew Wyeth. 

Carpazine: What music do you listen to currently?

Zak Hutson I am currently listening to Kurt Vile and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

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