Personally pushing beyond societal boundaries from an early age, to touching tender nerves and emotions today, MIESTORM SERPENT's art has always crossed paths with dichotomy and irony, exploring the dark side of sexuality, religion, politics and the macabre. Born and raised in NY, and currently residing in Atlanta, his work continues to delve into the deepest corners of subcultural habits, beliefs and fears. A teenage art student from a farm in the Hamptons, Miestorm, or “Lenny 54,” as everyone called him then, worked at the legendary Studio 54 from 1977 to 1982, actor Ryan Phillippe portrayed a character based on Miestorm in the 1998 movie “54”.


FERNANDO CARPANEDA is an underground punk artist. He works with clay sculptures and paintings. His main theme is always the human being. His sculptures and paintings capture subjects that reflect the extraordinary side of the human element. Homeless people, punk rockers, pop stars, unknown artists and outcasts are recreated to the minutest detail in his clay sculptures.  Parts of the artist's own clothing are hand tailored into miniature wardrobes. In the style of the 17th century paintings of secular subjects, human hair and modern day relics are incorporated into each piece to reflect a sense of capturing a moment in time.  Often sexual in nature, his “In your Face” approach to the acceptance of sexuality and the Punk lifestyle are recreated to provoke and inspire the observer. Carpaneda was one of the first Brazilian artists, if not THE first one, to disseminate and systematically display punk art and homoerotic art.  His voracious engagement in the cause of diversity and punk culture led him to exhibit at Art Basel in Miami, the Tom of Finland Foundation in California, The Stax Museum of American Soul Music in Memphis and The Leslie Lohman Museum in New York to name a few. In 2012, his work was selected for “Art Takes Times Square”, and exhibited on LED panels covering 23 floors, seen by over 1 million people.






JESSE MOSHER is an American Artist, born 1977, who paints in a new style that is a break from traditional European painting techniques, organically incorporating mechanics, and philosophies of Rock N Roll, amateur wrestling and cave painting. The goal of the work is to convert violence, suffering and anger into a physical performance generating a realistic portrait of a powerful artist. By keying into the beat and rhythm of the band, a 3 dimensional aspect of the music plays itself out through the paintings and performance. Since 2006 Jesse has been painting black and white portraits on plywood in performance at music clubs, festivals and Halls from Colombia to Italy, and 35 states with over 740 shows logged. All paintings and print series are numbered, bringing the total number of pieces to 2,525. Over the years Jesse has performed and worked with artists as diverse as CJ Ramone, The Merry Pranksters, The Damned, and The Jabbers. Also doing Commissions for Jack Kerouac's Estate, and The Beat Museum in San Francisco. For the last several years he has collected video of his performances, and is currently working on films, painting and touring out of Bushwick Brooklyn, NY.

Photos by MF Gallery

FRANK RUSSO is a Brooklyn born artist who has been drawing comic books since the age of nine. His art fuses a life-long love for trash culture and fast music with a wide variety of styles and media such as comics, paintings, toys, props and costumes. Aliens, Monsters, Robots, Skeletons, Hideous Beasts, Witches and Grizzly Ghouls are all subjects of his psychedelic and sometimes brightly colored artworks.