Whole Car Stickers is a melting pot of several things I love: oldschool graffiti and its history, trains & subways, railways & exploration of abandoned places... and stickers. Mix all these elements together and my project is the result! The concept in a few words: the history of graffiti art on trains and subways, printed on an extremely persistent XXL sticker (eggshell), customizable with paint markers & sprays. The idea is to suggest to the graffiti-artists painting these trains, to expand their art to miniature trains too! The stickers are made to last with strong and durable materials, ensuring that the artist's work is given a long-lasting life in the street. This material sticks to almost any surface: stone, asphalt, wood, metal, bricks, concrete... and it's impossible to remove completely without tools. It's also a collector's item, an homage in limited edition (200-1000 pcs) designed for artists, in the street or black-book, sticker-addicts, train-addicts... Actually, all over the world, the sticker-graffiti scene is really alive! And I wish to contribute to it, in my way. This is a homemade & handmade project from the south of France, it's identity was grown and developed on Instagram. Now we are even beginning to see some of these trains in the streets of Paris, New York... and this is my goal! From the railway to the street!! https://www.instagram.com/wholecarstickers  - www.wholecarstickers.com
Ronan - WCS