Vox Lugosi. Photo by Viller Allan Poe

Vox Lugosi is a post punk band from Brasília started in December 2018. The band debuted in the gothic and alternative scene of the Capital with 80’s musicality, lyricism, energy, and emotion. Vox Lugosi continues to perform at venues and festivals in the city and playing with bands such as Finis Africae and Mercenárias. About to release their first EP, they are also collaborating with De Profundis: a classic Brazilian gothic collective.

With lyrics revolving around the eternal themes of the human spirit contextualized in the apocalyptic dystopia already present in humanity, their influences are apparent. Influences of post punk, new wave, classic goth, deathrock, 60's and 70's rock;  reminiscent of Bauhaus, The Damned, Christian Death, The Cult, The Who, The Pastels, Duran Duran, A-Ha.

The quintet is composed of Luc Venturim (lead vocals), Felipe Rodríguez (guitar, backing vocals), Miguel Ruffo (bass, backing vocals), Rubens Cardoso (drums), Yael Seixas (keyboards). They are also current or former members of Luiza Fria, Signo 13, Os Gatunos, Psychoshadows, and Dualid. 

Instagram: @voxlugosiband 
Youtube: Vox Lugosi channel