Photo by Snarky


  Interview by Christopher Kubick 

CK: Unwritten...what part of New York are you guys from and how did you all meet and put a band together?

 Santiago (lead singer):

We are from all over. I am in Astoria alongside with Tony (bass). Dario (guitar) is in the upper west side. David (drums) is in Jersey.

Well! Back in 2016: Dario, Sebastian (guitar for Sewer Screwer), David and our friend Jeff got together for mine and Darios’ other band. The others had been in bands before- back in Colombia. Anyways, I remember Sebastian asking me to be part of a band with him and I told him that I barely play, much less be able to play an instrument, to that he replied, “You’ll be the singer.” I was like what!? Dude I got no voice. I can’t sing for shit! To which he refute insistently till I finally accepted, and there we were starting The Glue Warriors! We only played two shows. But WOW! From that point on I fell in love with the stage and a skill I didn’t know I had. And that’s pretty much long story short.

CK: So do the people know who’s in the lineup?

I don’t really think so. We’ve been doing this for a fairly short time. I mean, people from the scene knows us, but I don’t think it goes beyond that. In any case, I don’t think we care much for that kind of thing.

CK: Do you read comics or books... what’s the last thing you read?

Dario is a big reader of both. I am a history buff but enjoy the occasional comic or manga.

My latest reading was Woman by Charles Bukowsky. And now I’m starting on Anarchism by Noam Chomsky. Also been checking a little from Mikhail Bakunin.

CK: There can be obstacles and difficulties sometimes for new bands in NY, or anywhere for that matter... have other bands and / or promoters been accommodating?

So far so good. Everybody has been pretty cool to us! I don’t really have any other thing to say than that!

CK: What band was the first band you really ever got into?

The Clash and La Polla Records (from Spain) Hands down!!

CK: Do you prefer Pizza or a hamburger?

Why not both!? Hehehehe

CK: What’s your opinion on digital releases and vinyl releases? Some people think vinyl is a waste of time others think digital releases are sacrilegious.

I personally think, we have something to say and the more people we reach, the merrier

CK: If there is one particular place in the world, or venue, that you can play where would it be?

Personally. A Rebellion Fest would be pretty fucking amazing place to perform!

CK: What’s your opinion on the current state of politics in the scene?

The communist need to read more about anarchism and stop shitting over all the goodness anarchy has to offer. Other than that, fuck the nazi kids and everyone else believing on a fascist distopia!

CK: What do you prefer a giant spliff or a big bottle of beer?

Spliff!!? I like my weed as it comes. No tobacco please! And sure why not a beer in between... why not both!?

CK: To all the youngsters out there that love hardcore punk rock and want to start a band, but aren’t confident enough, what words of encouragement would you give them?

Just do it, but first and foremost educate yourself for the sake of your music and your bandmates. Also very important!! Don’t be a douche, be nice to everybody. I believe tha’s the first stage of anarchism! Be an excellent fella to everybody except a fucking nazi!! Fuck those guys!! Big time!!

CK:  Any plans to release any material anytime soon in the near future?

Absolutely!! We just need to get over a couple of setbacks and polish the craft a little more. Soon enough we’ll be releasing some material.

Thank you Unwritten for taking the time to do this interview.