"Machine Onna" for spring 2019 handmade collage

"noise 2019" handmade collage

"human insects" handmade collage

"persona" - confessions of a mask no.02 handmade collage + painting

"Demolition and blowout" handmade collage

 I am "tsun-zaku".

My real name is Nobuyuki Satow.

I live in Kitakyushu, Japan.

I create collage, drawings, sound making,

sometimes dj-ing once a month at club MHZ

 PORTFOLIO: https://ello.co/tsun-zaku


COLLABORATION: Tsun-Zaku X Teamkilleveryone


SOUND MAKING: https://tsun-zaku.bandcamp.com/

 MEMBER: "zeroreality" and "Tropical Chest Hairrrs"



 DJ-ing: https://www.mixcloud.com/TsunZaku/

Magical Mystery Mix(Guest Mix)


 The beginning is a fragment.

It loops to the next fragment, 

sometimes breaks up, 

and repeats the loop again.

At a destination,

 a figure may appear, 

or a break may sublimate.

For me it's very similar to sampling and mixing sounds.

(At first, I started to create for my sound.)

In the middle of a stare and improvising, 

the theme appears although being vague.

I like the work which seems to fill up the canvas.

However, I consider "間 ma = space" now.