Photo by Jimmy Russi


 Interview by Christopher Kubick

CK: Hello.. what's your name(s) and what do you do in the band?

Jimmy Russi - Vocals
Chris Trashed - drums
Alan Vicuña - bass
Budhiono "Sonny" Riyanto - guitar/ backing vox
Angel Valencia - guitar

CK: How long have you guys been a band?..

Jimmy: Since 2014, but we started with Jimmy, Chris and Sonny

CK: Do you prefer a hamburger or pizza?

Jimmy:  We are New yorkers. Pizza of course

CK: Besides Total Waste, what other bands do guys play in?

Jimmy: Demencia Alkoholika - Jimmy, Chris and Alan

Lakras - Jimmy and Angel

Finix - Angel

Citoletium - Sonny

CK: How would you describe the scene right now politically in New York?

Jimmy: Hard to say. Depends on which bands and scenes. But, everything does feel a lil bit more PC..

CK: What's your favorite venue past or present?

Jimmy: In the past it was Hill Tap Tavern.

CK: Some of you have been to Mexico on tour... what are the show like over there and how would you describe your experience?

Jimmy: Mexico was amazing, but, if the people don’t know you they will stand there with their arms crossed and no claps. But, at the end of the night they will give you praise.

CK: What's your favorite video game of all time and what's their favorite comic book character of all time?

Jimmy: Too many to pick just one but I love Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Doom (2016), Streets of Rage 2. Comic book characters probably Batman or Spiderman.

CK: What's the last vinyl or cassette or CD that you copped?

Jimmy: It’s been so long, not sure.

CK: If you could pass some wisdom on to the generation of musicians younger than you, what would you tell them?

Jimmy: Just keep creating content (music).