Tim Roosen (°1972) is a Belgian metal sculptor living and working in Sint-Truiden, Belgium. He started building his first creature in 1996, and had no idea what he was doing. Working as a blacksmith by day, the last thing he wanted to do was create metal art by night. He tried painting and sculpting with clay, but given the abysmal results, he pretty soon realised metal was his material. Since then, he has created an intriguing universe of metal maidens, androgynous automatons, and twisted creatures, where “a Gothic dream meets a Dieselpunk nightmare.”

He claims his work is inspired by consuming tons of fantasy literature from the local library and renting bad sci-fi B-movies on Sunday nights in his younger years. His love of Arthurian myths and legends, combined with an interest in Japanese comics, and a fascination with alternative subcultures also reflect in his work.

The sculptures are born out of fire and steel. They are cut, hammered, shaped, and welded into seductive creatures with shiny metal bodies and glowing copper eyes. Each one unique. Each one with its own story to tell.

Tim has participated in various group exhibitions, in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Poland, the UK, and the USA, as well as several solo and duo shows in Europe.

Currently, he works closely with Bator Art Gallery in Poland, the Naïa Museum in Brittany, France, and Stone Sparrow Contemporary Art in NYC, USA. His works are in private collections in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic and the USA.

Website: www.timroosen.be

Studio pictures by Tim Roosen. 
Location shots by Ansgar Noeth and Iris Bitter (Felicia, Tanith, Baskabas and Belladonna).