Being born and raised on a cattle ranch in Nebraska instills a rigorous work ethic. Now based in Brooklyn, Tex Buell is both a persevering visual artist and musician. Predominantly in collage, ink, and acrylic paint he creates visual pieces by incorporating a myriad of techniques and mediums. Tex experiments with painting, digital art, sculpture, and installation. However, he has found his loudest voice with mixed media handmade collage. Many of his pieces possess urgency and movement at first glance that upon inspection reveal the detailed and calculated construction behind it. Tex believes that art is where the mind is allowed to be simultaneously sick and whimsical. That it is essential to translating the absurd. His art is a place where you are allowed to be an observer and with every breath, a new surprise.

"Here is a run down for the art. As far as technique these are all made the same using a combination of collage ( I cut everything out with Exacto knives and glue it together, no Photoshop) and acrylic ink and paint. Everything I make is handmade unless it specifically says "digital". All digital works are created with shitty free apps anyone can download."

Heavy Fantasy | 8x11 / Paper Collage / Acrylic Ink