Ted Randler Of Flowers & Flesh Exhibition at Gallery Blue Door.

On a rainy Decoration Day weekend Carpazine was welcomed into Gallery Blue Door by Scott Philip Goergens, who co-owns the gallery with his husband Scott Howard. Baltimore was slowly unmasking and reopening to wander such sights as Ted Randler’s Of Flowers and Flesh. Viewing Randler’s work in person is like seeing a band live. The stage, a wall of sound, instruments, the musicians’ fingers and breath. Gallery Blue Door’s rooms framed scenes, then pictures, then subjects, then brush strokes: each crafted as its own object. Each an element and part of a whole sum greater. Flowers made of petals of single defined strokes hanging on for dear life. Randler lingers in the beauty of a tiny space and moves on just as petals do fall. These pieces of art from 2019-2021 invite you into Randler’s living garden of flowers and flesh. There you will find stigma, stamen, shirt saboteurs, and swirling chest hairs of bears.