20 years ago while artist Tal Avitzur was visiting salvage yards in search of material to refurbish a fixer upper home he was amazed at the treasures he found there.  He began collecting objects that other people thought of as trash, and from that collection these sculptures were born. Tal Avitzur found his passion for creating while in college and working for sculptor George Rickey and ceramicist Beatrice Wood.  Within his workshop, now full of thousands of parts amassed over many years of collecting, Tal creates fantasy-themed sculptures. He is heavily influenced by the science fiction, mythology and comic books from his youth.  Each sculpture begins by finding the personality in an object and then test fitting different combinations of pieces together: cutting, drilling, and grinding until a natural looking fit is reached.
Website:  https://www.talbotics.com - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/talbotics/

Tal Avitzur