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Carpazine Art Magazine Special Edition 2017 featuring exclusive Interview with Musician LEIGH DE VRIES! More: Skisms, Rael Brian, Heather Freitas, Morgan Lang, George Davis Serrano, SHN, Evan Mendel, ONESTO, Elstabo, SOSEK, Whole Car Stickers, Pyropainter, Without Rules, BROBA, CAMDEN, Herman James, Short Film:João Brandão adheres to punk!, IACO, Ethan Minsker, Claudio Parentela, Reptilians from Andromeda, Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2016, Dylan Gerard Thibert, The Wilsons, The Smut Peddlers:An Exhibition of PULP!, Tex Buell, Doug Firmino, Juliana Rodriguez, Heavy Negatives,  and many More!