Steven Berroteran is a Nicaraguan-American born Studio Artist based in the East Bay Area. His work breaks the body down through physical endurance based performances, capturing the body in its most vulnerable and tense state which has allowed his work to show emotional distress and a stronger focus on how endurance plays a part in our daily lives.

"Life is strenuous; life is constant. Through the struggles, depression, love and hate in our lives, we physically and subconsciously affect our bodies and ourselves. We spend our time exhausting and enduring our own limitations in hopes of bettering a situation or relationships, but how do those moments manifest itself on the body. I am attempting to control the turmoil, strife and unpredictability of life, by placing these situations back onto myself and onto the body. Via images, sculpture and projections the work shows the body struggling against itself and the perceptions of what our bodies can become. Through failure and error can we transform into something worth being; are we the external images that people see or can we become what we imagine ourselves to be."

We encourage you to view the videos to gain a deeper understanding of Berroteran’s performance style.