Stephanie Corr Gartanutti began as a painter, but when complications with multiple sclerosis diminished her fine motor skills she turned to sculpting. Weaving and manipulating wire into figures became therapeutic. Considering the the main focus of the subject of her work over the last two decades, metal is a natural medium. Stephanie has lived and worked as an artist and curator in Philadelphia where she participates in and organizes both group and solo shows.

Work and Process

"My work is comprised of laboriously woven steel and anodized metals fashioned into distorted female figures. It starts with a single piece of wire and turns into miles worth of dense, hardened forms. The distortions of the anatomy chronicle my symptoms with multiple sclerosis, which is where these armatures evolved from. Each piece highlights the particular limb / body part that seems to be dictating my life at the beginning of each project. The faces and masks are representatives of the dissociation of my exterior self with the physical self. The actual weight and immobility of the work is an important element for me to convey as well."