The short film, " João Brandão adheres to punk", based on the short story written in 1983, by Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade, premiered at the 48th Brasilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema (2015). The director Ramiro Grossero, graduated in visual arts from the University of Brasilia is active in the local punk movement and made this film in the purest DIY. The cast includes Ariel Invasor, lead singer of the first punk rock band from Brazil, Resto de Nada (Rest of Nothing - 1977), and Jota Pingo cultural activist, unfortunately he died at the end of filming, in 2012. The highlight of the film is the cartoonist's drawings Broba, with its peculiar trait gives a unique feature of the work. Punk soundtrack of the bands, Besthoven, The Insult, Invasores de Cérebros and Horda Punk and with quick, energy cuts, provoke the viewer to think about the punk social behavior and its peculiarities. Still in phase translation into English and Spanish the short film promises to be a great attraction at festivals of independent films.