SHN, is an art collective, or team of friends, that originated from the school of the do-it-yourself and the counterculture in the city of Americana, São Paulo, Brazil in 1998.  From the industrial waste of a silk-screen industry emerged the idea to make stickers and posters to wet-paste on the streets. This permeates through all of the activities of the team. Their imagery is developed around the hardcore and independent rock ideology. Focused on silk-screen and experimental printmaking the collective is responsible for the spread of the culture of collaborative processes, including acting as a publisher platform for a myriad of artists. Thus far, SHN has supported more than 100 artists during its life. It is not just silk-screening, but also experiments in woodblock printing, stencil, lithography, woodcut, etc. Enjoying a solid partnership of over a decade with Choque Cultural Art Gallery, SHN remains a legendary poster art collective, one of Brazil’s first DIY art collectives, known for their: street actions, exhibitions, projections, silkscreen stickers, posters, DJs, performers, collaborative multimedia projects they call ‘occupations’, and multiple artists ‘occupying’ public spaces.

Actual crew: Andre Ortega, Daniel Cucatti, Eduardo Saretta, Haroldo Paranhos, Marcelo Fazolin, Rogerio Fernandes.