Interview by Christopher Kubick

Carpazine: What's your name? Who are you guys? Where are you from? How long have you been around?

Collectively we are Ruin By Design, from just outside of Washington DC. Individually, we are:

Brien "Clock
Strikes Ten" Stewart - Vox
Brent "Hot
Licks " Smith - Guitar
"The Iceman"
Andrew Blitch - Bass
Kurt "Nickname"
Foster - Drums

We formed in the fall of 2015, so we've been around for just over four years.

Carpazine: The first time you guys played live, tell me about the show. What you can remember?

Brien: It was on June 3rd 2016, at a place called Fat Tuesday's. The floor was super slippery.

Kurt: I was terrified he was going to fall and die. But I didn't.

Brien: And we covered a Motley Crue song.

Andrew: It was my first show ever.

Brent: The after-party was legendary.

Andrew: I slept on my bathroom floor that night. It's the last time I've slept on a bathroom floor.

Brent: Except for after the third show, too.

Andrew: Yeah...

Carpazine: What's the first record you can remember buying?

Brien: Shaun Cassidy's "Da Doo Ron Ron." But, I'd rather talk about the second album I ever bought, which was Kiss' Destroyer. So that's all.

Brent: The Ramones self-titled on vinyl. I think the first tape I ever bought was Van Halen's OU812.

Brien: Oh, LAME! SO LAME! OU81poo?

Andrew: Michael Jackson on cassette, it was a pre-Thriller compilation put out by KTEL. I was six or seven. I remember "Ben" being the first song and thinking, "Like, what the fuck?" Not an opening banger at all. Save that shit for the end of the tape, KTEL. Come on!

Kurt: Speaking of MJ, my first was a two-fer, on the same day I bought Thriller and Love At First Sting by the Scorpions, both on vinyl. It was a weird time in my life.

Carpazine: Do you think the president is going to get reelected?

Brien: I hope not.

Brent: No.

Andrew: I don't think he will.

Kurt: Vote early, vote often.

Carpazine: Without sounding like a hater I would say the majority of pizza in most places outside of NYC is pretty crappy. Where's your favorite place to get a slice of pizza or the best pizza you've ever had?

Kurt: I can't get it anymore, it was from the now-defunct Armand's pizza in DC. It was like a loaf of bread with sauce on it.

Brien: I'm going to say Malek's pizza in Springfield, Virginia, or anything from New York, honestly.

Brent: I mean...Costco.

Andrew: Good Virginia answer. Mine is Vito's in New Jersey.

Brien: Although, I haven't met a piece of pizza that I haven't liked, really, so...

Andrew: Yeah, I like it all, dude. Papa John's Hawaiian Pizza? Fuck yeah. It's all good.

Kurt: This is a very pizza-positive band. We're going to be hated by all the New York pizza posses.

Carpazine: Who are some of the other local bands in your area that are worth checking out?

Brien: We have a very strong community right now in our area, so it's really exciting and hard to name all the bands, because there's such a huge scene going on right now.

Kurt: Totally. A non-exhaustive list of rad bands in our area that you should definitely listen to include: Love Roses, Lounge Lizzard, The Donalds, 3:33, Genosha (who we put a split EP out with earlier this year), Torino Death Ride, LNT, Walk the Plank, Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Frame, Brickwall Monty
 (RIP), The Mostly Dead, The Ambulance Review, Personal Crisis, Vulcanite, Cursor, Supreme get the idea.

Carpazine: If you could be in an adult film with one adult actress who would it be?

Brien: I watched the Tommy Lee / Pamela Anderson video mainly to see the inside of Tommy Lee's house, and was really uncomfortable and turned it off after ten minutes.

Brent: [silent]

Andrew: [silent]

Kurt: [silent]

Brien: I didn't see any platinum albums on the walls so I turned it off.

Brent: [silent]

Andrew: [silent]

Kurt: [silent]

Carpazine: Is there any place that you would never ever play again and why?

Brien: We haven't played there yet.

Carpazine: Godzilla or king kong who do you prefer?

Kurt: Godzilla all the way.

Brien: Godzilla, yeah.

Kurt: Although ultimately I'm more of a Rodan kind of guy.

Andrew: They're both fucking cool but I'll go with King Kong, to even it out.

Brent: King Kong, yeah.

Kurt: An even split in the band. This is what's going to cause us to break up.

Andrew: If I had to live with one of them, it would be King Kong.

Kurt: Like in a roommate situation?

Andrew: Yeah. I'd choose King Kong.

Kurt: That's a bad choice. Godzilla hibernates half the time and then he leaves, he goes out and does stuff. King Kong's at home eating bananas and shitting all day.

Brien: Yeah. So, life's all about choices.

Carpazine: Do you still listen to vinyl or buy vinyl?

Brien: Yes!

Brent: Yes.

Andrew: Fuck yeah.

Kurt: Yes.

Brien: I just bought vinyl today.

Andrew: What'd you buy?

Brien: The new Who album.

Andrew: The last vinyl I bought was Black Sabbath.

Kurt: Which frontman?

Andrew: Oh, Ozzy.

Brien: Dio's awesome, but, anyway...

Carpazine: Who is the most overrated punk / hardcore bands in your opinion?

Kurt: I don't know who's overrated, but there are a lot of underrated bands out there. Like The Bay City R1.