Low Life '17

Throttle '17

Chicken '17

The King '17

 Robb Spath

The sound of scissors… scissor… scissor… the deep finite drag of an Xacto knife…

Flat broke, fired, and dealing with cabin fever it was a book on hand-cut art found in a thrift store where Robb Spath found therapy- and something to occupy his hands. He picked up something sharp “and began cutting stuff up.”

The native of Oswego, NY and graduate from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in theatre arts was drawn back to pages like those in theater programs. Drawn to black and white panels the new born artist began cutting his way through free comic bins. “Like cutting lemons at a restaurant” yet with an exhilarating healing and not stinging anymore.

Robb’s work has been exhibited multiple times in the greater Philadelphia area where he now resides. It has been featured in several art publications including Not Random Art, A5, Artdiction and Wotisart.