Exclusive Interview with REPTILIANS FROM ANDROMEDA!

Carpazine:Tell us the brief history of your band.

Tolga: Everything just started with Aybike and me. Our relationship is always creative.

Before we married, we had been jamming with our friends for fun. I was playing with my punk rock band, "Rashit", for 20 years and I got bored to be in a band in that time. We had just began to record experimental instrumental tracks with Aybike and made video collages for them under the name "Solar Chaos" who released an album for a Canadian record label: "Fuck Yr Body Up". After that, Aybike wrote some lyrics and we recorded four songs on a holiday trip, it's our family fun at the beginning. We changed our name to "Reptilians From Andromeda" and we got good feedback from Some US labels after we uploaded our songs to SoundCloud. We released four Ep's and an album in just three months. Everything was so fast. There is so much interest in us to see Reptilians From Andromeda playing live. So, we decided to find a drummer and bass player to carry our music on stage. We knew Taylan and he asked us, "Can I play the drums?" before we asked him to play drums. We met with Merve through the internet, she's such a congenial and warm person. So, basically we chose our bandmates for their personality and same kind of music interests. So after that, we rehearsed with them we began fast to play live at gigs and festivals.

Carpazine:When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?

Aybike: Tolga and I started to make music together in 2013. But, we formed the band with Taylan and Merve about 2015. We want to play music together because having similar personalities and interests, we tend to make something together. We are friends not just a band.

Tolga: We have creative personalities, I don’t think we are just musicians, we are more in visual arts. Drawings, collages, mixed media, video art...Everything in our lives inspire us. Aybike and I are always on something at home. When we get bored, happy or sad, we just try to create something which makes us feel that we are alive.I mean, our relationship mostly inspires us. We are rock'n'roll personalities; rebels, punks or whatever you called us.

Carpazine:Who writes the songs, what are they about?

Aybike: I'm writing the songs about different things. I'm in different moods in daily life. I'm telling stories about sometimes real things. Sometimes I just use horror elements, sometimes my motto words, sometimes I'm making a collage from I wrote before and sometimes it can be a magic spell...It's all about how I feel. I'm not writing anything. I don't feel. For example, I wrote ''Monster'' about one of my closest friends. ''Psychic girl'' is not exactly a real story, just, I know how it feels- this situation. ''Jungle'' is about animals. That's how we feel. When we are in nature. Jungle has a psychedelic touch.Basically, I create a scene from my imagination. I love to make my audience to fill in the blanks of my lyrics, so, I make them stimulate a story interactively.

Carpazine:What do you think constitutes a good song?

Aybike: If it makes you feel something it’s a good song.

Tolga: For me, a good song builds on stunning lyrics and a damn good guitar riff. If you got an attitude, a feeling and a groove which comes from your inside… that's what defines a good song!

Carpazine:What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Aybike: Don't be shy of anything, express your feelings out to create something new, and you know, the world always needs something new.

Carpazine:What about recordings? Do you have anything out there already?

Tolga: We have three EPs from several US labels and one EP from a UK label. And, a compilation of these four recordings as an cassette album from a US label. Our recordings can be found on Spotify / Bandcamp under the names of “Reptilians From Andromeda (self titled)”, “Jungle Highness”, “Love's Gonna Destroy Us”, and “Sonic Rabbit Hole”.Our album is simply called "Whatever". "Sonic Rabbit Hole", which is released by Small Bear Records (Uk), is the most reviewed one and got good reviews by music writers.

Carpazine:Can you give the readers your Website and Facebook addresses so they can check you out...





Carpazine:Anything you’d like to add?

Aybike: Thank you so much for this great interview, cheers!