The artist recognized as Pyropainter (both nationally and internationally) has a very precise and rather unique method for creating his renowned works of art.  Firstly, he begins by igniting a carefully controlled fire in the outdoors, and then taking a number of photographs of the blaze.  Additionally, he proceeds to study and identify the complex formations found in the flames; capturing it's natural, free-flowing movements with the aid of his digital camera.  This process is then repeated as he encircles the fire, the focus being on the discovery of even more interesting angles found within the flames; as well as capturing it's very life and vibrancy.

Next, Pyropainter imports the selected photographs into various graphics editing software, digitally manipulating the images into a rough composition.  Whether the flames erupt into a gritty gothic city skyline or the form of a demonic wraith, Pyropainter makes clever use of the organic quality of the flickering inferno to create a basis for his pieces.  Following this step, he would then dive deeper into the image, creating sharp, captivating details with the use of acrylic paints.  By finalizing the artwork with his honed painting techniques, Pyropainter is able to create hauntingly realistic images with their own individuality and a distinctive narrative describing them.  The result is an intriguing presentation of what a single artist can visualize, re-imagine, and solely bring about with his own imagination and the use of the a natural element.