(cover photo by Dmitriy Zlobin, Pulse Pumps. Location: Baltic shore, Curonian Spit, Russia)

(cover photo by Vladimir Pasalskiy)

Pulse Pumps 

Pulse Pumps
Birthplace: Moscow, regions of working class
Ages: 25-37

We have no formal music education, only years of self-training and some lessons. We are people of absolutely different professions and fields: Lawyer, tire seller, environmental engineer, sound engineer. But once we played rock'n'roll, we couldn't stop.

The group has been based in Moscow since 2014 from fragments of previous projects. I called my friend Vova and I told him that I had to finish the fight for Russian independent rock. We immediately decided to begin to rehearsing. We grew up on the British rock music of the beginning of the 90th and so that is the style we play. The achievement in and of itself – to play in the died-out style, in English, in the country of vodka, street muggers, and a chanson. It is unique and it turns out we’re not too bad.

Songs were born in the course of the rehearsals. Hours-long black sessions at the insistence of our sound producer Feddy Lavrov have formed a basis for the first album Rubber Day recorded in 2016.

It is very simple to change reality by one directed desire, 'cos in effect there is Nothing. There is a Big Nothing more precisely, and all of us are disappearing projections through which there pass electromagnetic waves. Time can be extended somehow, but from the occurring reality is all the same. There is a feeling of a long dream, having been interrupted, which  it will appear in some parallel world. What there is, is the most expensive? One moment which you've lost once or just hadn't managed to catch. And now you can only remember, or remember as remembered. It doesn't matter. The dawn has passed by, somewhere on a dump in Bibirevo. Now just look at an endless purple sunset.

Rubber Day.

Recorded at WolfStudio (Moscow), Feddy Begemot worked there at that time. Really a magical place. It was … until one of co-owners died, and it has ceased to exist. Feddy has returned back to St. Petersburg, and we have continued to write songs. And then …

Cluster World.

​… we turned to St. Petersburg and recorded a new album at Feddy’s new Begemotion Studio.

And again we felt a global deception with all side effects that it implies love… hate. Art has stopped being tangible. It isn't necessary to stand opposite to a picture that to see it, and to listen to a story of the guide. Everything is in network. It isn't necessary to represent a picture, it is necessary to present all network entirely. The plastic world has won. Ideal cluster. Normal birth, normal death, normal morning, normal fake. Nothing occurs. You don't go – you represent that you go, nobody knows an exit because it everywhere where you can present it. But where will you go? Exactly, nowhere! Therefore we eat, we drink, we go to ordinary work to present that we live, and through a window of music we spy to the world of mysterious illusions.

We are inspired by the environment in which we live, there are enough irritants, it is impossible to disappear from it. Good music, new books, northern sea air, disorder and depression, bohemia and vagabonds, wine and women. All these are catalysts of a mental chain and sound waves in the head.

About our music, we go to gigs, we listen a lot of different music. Not too many artists come to Russia, but we try not to don't pass up shows. It is a pity that great bands break up. Richard Ashcroft. Noel Gallagher. Of course all together we come to listen Black Rebel Motorcycle Club … Also, we like Russian artists like Tequilajazzz, PTVP, Kirpichi.

In our playlist are always Verve, Stone Roses, Kula Shaker, Happy Mondays, – live concerts of Ride (Andy Bell).
Pulse Pumps is available on bandcamp.com and in all online stores and musical aggregators.

Dmitriy Zlob.​