Political Art by Diego Marcial Rios

Ancient myths and legends intermingle with today's issues to inspire  the intricate art of Diego Marcial Rios. He creates explosions of color and texture in paintings, masks, woodcuts, and book illustrations. Inspired by Latin history including Aztec and Mayan symbols, Rios celebrates life, explores death, and confronts social and economic justice relevant today. His fanciful and provocative style is honored worldwide in museums including San Francisco‚Äôs Legion of Honor. Rios works daily on new creations. After three decades, he continues to be a low profile but highly respected treasure in the art world.

Rios' paintings, woodcuts, and masks have been included in more than 500 exhibitions in the USA, Asia, and Europe. His dynamic work is featured in a number of Museum Collections including the Laguna Beach Museum, Laguna Beach, CA.; Museo National De La Estampa, Mexico City, Mexico, and in public collections including the San Francisco Mission Cultural Center, C; Harriet Taubman Gallery, MD; and the Irish Arts Council, Belfast, Ireland.

Rios conducts an ongoing series of very popular workshops including Sacred Heart/ Mask-Making in the Mexican Tradition in Berkeley, CA, and  Mask-Making for Carnival in San Francisco, CA.In addition, Rios is an engaging and motivating speaker, and he welcomes opportunities to share his passion for creative expression with all audiences, from curious youth to imaginative adults.