Necrotic Society
Interview by Christopher Kubick

CK: What's the name of your band and how did you guys get together?

Necrotic Society: We are Necrotic Society, everything started with Alex (Guitar), when he moved to the United States in December 2015. He started to looking for a project to be a part of. After few months he found JR (drums) and started jamming together, and after we tried out a few different people, we ended up with Courtney on vocals and Javier on bass. Finally, formed as a band in October 2016 and released our first Album in February 2017. We recently released a 4-way split with YD from Italy, Sick Times (Germany) and The Minutes (NYC).

CK: Where are you all from originally?

Necrotic Society: Alex (guitar) is from Italy, JR (drums) Wisconsin, Javier (bass) Mexico, and Courtney (singer) from Ohio.
CK: Do you guys have any particular favorite beverages when you're practicing and writing music?

Courtney: Our brand of choice is Modelo.  We are trying to get a sponsorship... tell all your friends!

CK: The United States right now has a dark cloud over it named Donald Trump. Do you guys think he will be elected for a second term in office?

JR - Seeing as the man-child does not seem to understand anything about how our legal system works, we are of the opinion that he will not leave, regardless of who is elected.  Hopefully it won’t be him, but we still have a bunch of fucking idiots in this country that may do just that.

Courtney – I think he has a 50/50 chance of being reelected, either way it doesn’t matter, same result – he is not leaving.

CK: Do you think there's a growing number of right-wing musicians in New York right now?

JR – Not in our Scene

Courtney – We run in the leftist punk scene, so I feel like it would be hard to cultivate that, although there are other issues. Maybe not so far right wing, but, sexism and racism and misogyny are still a problem.

JR – That shit doesn’t last long around us.

CK: Do you think the PC in New York City right now is a little too close-minded or a little too extreme in the sense that they are so politically correct that they don't have an open mind?

Necrotic Society: Noooooo.

JR - People that complain about this shit want to be able to say and do shitty things and not have anyone tell them how shitty they are.

CK: You guys have been making rendezvous to Mexico lately... did you guys have any help book in those shows.... what's the scene like down there and how did the audience react to your music?

Necrotic Society: Since Javier is from Mexico, it was easier to organize this tour, finding support bands and venues to play. It was an awesome tour, only four days, but it was intense… made a lot of new friends and maybe new fans. People enjoyed it and looked interested in our music and this is the most important thing… definitely we will going back!!

CK: Individually speaking where is your favorite local slice of pizza?

Javier: Any 99 cent pizza

JR and Courtney: Screamers!!

Alex: I'm Italian so it's hard to choose...I guess Capricciosa (and you probably don't know what it is!)

CK: In comparison to shows outside of New York what's the differences if there are any that you have noticed?

Javier: I like that in NYC you can play shows from Monday to Mexico it's hard get gigs in the middle of the week and you gotta wait until the weekend to get something.

Alex: I like how here in NYC people supporting emerging bands and the opportunity to play so many shows… I never played, in Italy, so many shows as here in only 3 years!

CK: Individually speaking do you have any particular favorite cartoons and or comic books?

Alex: “Big Mouth” and “Disenchantment”

Javier: I'm watching “Saint Seiya and the Knights of the Zodiac.”

JR: I'm not a big fan of Cartoon or comic books.

Courtney: “Rick and Morty”

CK: What is the last book that you have read?

Alex: The last book I read was St.Marks is Dead.

JR: I have just been reading shit about animals. Last one "pit bull".

Javier: Last book I read was Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen.

Courtney: In the middle of reading Barracoon by Zora Neale Hurston.

CK: Choose one.. Godzilla or King Kong?

Necrotic Society: Godzilla...of course he's bigger.

CK: Do any of you own a record player and still actively listen to or collect vinyl?

Alex: I own a record player and most of my collection is from shows or some at random purchases of unknown bands (definitely my favorite way to get records).

JR: I do have a record player and buy a lot of vinyl at shows.  Glad to see it is more popular again.

Javier: I have a record players and I do collect vinyls. Most vinyls in my collection are picked up at shows.

Courtney: Yes I have a record player.

CK: Thank you guys for taking the time do this, much appreciated.

Necrotic Society: Thank you again for interviewing us! If you need more let us know!

Photo by @austindonohuephoto