Nathalie Tierce

In her career as a professional artist Nathalie Tierce has work on projects as diverse as productions for Shel Silverstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber, the Rolling Stones. Period dramas for the BBC feature films such as Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and painting murals for Disney.

Her relationship with theater and film nurtured her desire to connect to people through storytelling in her paintings and drawings .

Born and raised in New York City, Nathalie received formal training at Pratt Institute in New York and Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She then spent ten years in Europe refining her craft as a painter. 

She frequently exhibits in galleries in Greater Los Angeles area and maintains a studio in Glendale, CA where she lives with her sculptor husband, son, and two cats.

Carpazine: Who are you trying to reach with your work?

Nathalie: Anyone who finds life inherently surreal and chaotic but still searches for the sublime and funny. Now more than ever we are bombarded with a surfeit of moving images that are designed to tease us and leave us feeling unsatisfied, wanting more. Like you stream of junk food snacks, it's not nourishing. I think, as humans, there's a part of us always trying to figure out where we fit into a bigger story. How can we identify with the characters? What role do they play? Are they heroes or villains, or neither?

Carpazine: What does the title, Pulling Weeds from a Cactus Garden: Life is Full of Pricks, mean?

Nathalie: Just like the act of pulling weeds from a cactus garden, it's tricky, and you can’t do it without getting hurt. The world began examining itself through Lockdown and continues to argue about what it was and will be. People's views have radically polarized us. This strange thorny landscape needs some love, care, and compassion, and it's going to be downright painful. 

Carpazine: Do you see yourself in any of the characters?

Nathalie: I think, as a woman, I most certainly can identify with all the females in many of the images. I feel their vulnerability, especially when they don't seem aware of how perilous the situation may be.

Lost in a Supermarket 
In the Eternal daylight,
the aisles lead her trolley
to promises.
she hangs on,
hoping each stop brings her closer to the cure
to make things better.

Thoughts on the Outside 
Walking around turned inside out,
feeling the coldness of water that's not there.
just beyond the hospital floor-
that face… I've seen it before…
in the water’s reflection? In a glass? A mirror? 
I'm not sure anymore. 

Standoff on the Island 
Grab, take, steal…
See nothing.
This is mine.