ABOUT: ONE FUCKED UP YEAR.  "I made One Fucked Up Year in 2011. It's a visual depiction, month by month, of my state of mind at the time."

Red on Blue - self-portrait 

- A little girl at Naples Art Association viewing Super Nova Playroom
Photographer, filmmaker, or colleague of Grammy Award winner Ian Cutler? An Artist? Natalya Nova is art. Many times with herself as the focus of the creation, the bright smiley girl is a somber and sensual reflection of an infinite inward journey of herself expressed to the limitless reality of ourselves and our surreal perceptions. Natalya’s work freezes time on the details and moments of life that are only a part of the overwhelming chaotic world to find harmony and beauty in the relationship between whole and part. A single color building a full palette, letting go to hold on, forgetting and remembering, losing yourself in order to find yourself: these all begin with deciding to act. One such decision was to come to the United States at age 19 from Orenburg, Russia.
She arrived with a strong unique voice and vision and has seen her work exhibited at Miami Art Basel and galleries in NYC. For her latest projects she uses a medium format Leica with classic 4x5 lenses from the 1930's and 40's to create self-portraits in which her body becomes the painted canvas. The results are electrifying. The life size works are printed on a combination of metal, light boxes and three dimensional prints. 

NATALYA NOVA ​“She is not human, she is art.”