Rodrigo Lacerda: guitar / Blas - Vocal. Leo Cólera:Bass and Vocal. Rubens Cardoso:Druns and Vocal.  Thanks to: Eduardo Peralta (text), Carlos Eugênio (recension), Igor Alcantara (translation), Manaus Macaco (lyrics),  André Marques (audio-visual), André lobo, Udson Fábio, Fernando, Paulo Mateus Lacerda (photos)

MUSKGA recorded at Studio La Rocka. EP available on Soundcloud with two songs to listen and download ...
It's just a taste of what's to come.
Seal Nuvendance - Brasilia-DF

Dub, guitar elements,  electronic rock and a huge dose of good will comming from the musicians to add to the modern times, all merged into this psychedelic sound that took wings. Those involved in this diversion (and that would make the explosion of the core of Muskga) always sought a punk shed, style DIY. Certain reference time was had quite foggy for the group. Jokes aside, it's been five years since the band started. And today we are on track. Could I be lost in many day dreams, but I think the goal here is to get value at the beginning of the whole story: Making the music that  we like, mixing mechanical and guitars sound, contributing to the art ecosystem by adding musicians that are not  commited to a band and to jam and creatively work with us. An element that can point out is that this first attempt,  there wasn't a band, but just studio musicians trying to record a sound together, which had never performed live. The first insight came from the musical exchange with the Manaus (2010 already had a ready musical conception  of lyrics). The exchange earned a mix of lyrics with guitars that would become the first album of the band: "Later than ever." At that time, by a twist of fate, Leo Cólera, which has participated in the mix of Manaus (the city) with  Manaus (the person) And came to Brasilia.  We then had the incisive core of the band!  Not at all:  we still needed a drummer that were at the same time organic, gifted, present and friendly. Here comes Rubão, friend of a friend of ours. He heard about the need for a weird post punk band for a real drummer. We joint the crew and we were  finaly ready to rock. Muskga becomes a classic four power band. The revival of guitars with substance, ropes,  another vocal to 80 and had hit that made the difference, that's the essence of Muskga !!! 

How to start talking about a band which I belong, and by all means, it is so difficult to categorize. If it were a fairy  tale, it would be like this: Once upon a time, 3 freaks wanted to have the world at his feet, with the trilogy Sex, ShapeDrugs and Rock 'n' Roll. But reality is not based on that plot. There are many more steps to climb when the matter is music, and, by the way, good quality music. There is that common story about the narrative initiative, common in all  releases of bands that want to have their work recorded in the annals of public recognition. That would be as talking about the emergence of a new great hit. We know it's never like that. The Outset Foundation: an electronic sound with the heart inlaid in the rock music. It was the best scenario for us in the early 2000s.