Take a journey into absolute strength, where the bulkiest beasts and the brutalist warlords collide in a battle to determine the ultimate fate of the universe. Some will win, some will lose- but all will be known as the final evolution of humankind.. Part man, part mutant, all muscle… MUSCULOIDS!!!!!  
Deep in the recesses of Man’s most primitive and primal urges lies the will to obtain the ultimate power in the Universe... Behold MUSCULOIDS!! The most futuristic and phenomenal fantasy toy line ever to drudge the blood filled trenches of the five-point-five warrior figure dreamscape... It all starts at the beginning of time, and never ends as it becomes pure energy... 

And after MUSCULOIDS, there were SKELETOIDS!!!

Before time and space, man and beast were one. The MUSCULOIDS ruled the galaxy, yet transformation of the flesh was not the final mutation. Once the peak of extreme musculature was reached, the doorway to a new dimension was opened and an army of skeletal warriors emerged... SKELETOIDS: Transcenders Of The Flesh!

Before the massive apocalyptic meltdown of the year B77-D, Guyzan was hated by some, but loved by millions. As a Galactic Keeper, the fate of the Half-Lives was in his hands. Yet a crushing sadness was brought to him by Lord Massive in the form of genocide, as all known Half-Lives were brutally wiped from Solar Frame 1. 

At Guyzan’s side are Yeti: the brutal space apes of Sector 77 and the Orc Army of Dark Vortex. MUSCULOIDS and SKELETOIDS will continue to fight the endless battle  through space and time, colliding with fearsome foes like MASTER BRAIN, NECROZ, DYCRON and SKULLITRON. 

Hand made in Brooklyn NY, these small run figures are taking the 5.5 figure world by storm, as they are the first figures to be produced with a combination of hard rubber and resin. 

Each figure features original card art in bright psychedelic colors and accessories like mystical weapons and creepy pets.

For wholesale or retail inquiries please contact Musculoids@gmail.com or @musculoids on Instagram!!