MUSCULOIDS- The Most Muscular Figures In The Universe!

“In a trans-dimentional post-apocalyptic planet, futuristic medieval barbarian warriors engage in bloody battle with horrific monsters in a never ending sci-fi psychedelic adventure!”

Remember being a kid and holding a He-man figure for the first time? They seemed impossibly huge and made you feel like anything was possible! Now that most action figures have oversized muscles and you are an adult, He-Man doesn't have quite the same effect.... But Musculoids do! In fact, they were designed specifically to recreate that feeling for you.

These figures feel substantial in your hands, and just holding them brings a true feeling of nostalgia. The hard but plyable rubber has some weight to it, and provides unparalleled play value. Towering over the classic 5.5” figures in both height and girth, but still compatible with their universe, Musculoids will dominate every other toy on your shelf!

Since 2015, this independent toy company has been gaining popularity in the 5.5” and Designer Art Toy world, being widely recognized for their originality. All figures are hand cast and painted in Brooklyn NY, and custom orders are always welcome.

Musculoids is the first handmade toy line to produce figures made of durable hard rubber, making them virtually indestructible! Musculoids features a wide variety of innovative characters, varying in style and price. Some characters are one piece “stactions”: rubber statuettes with dynamic poses and colors, while others have moveable parts.

The new “Musculoids Deluxe” is a larger 8” figure, featuring 5 point ball joint articulation, the first of their kind! The Deluxe line features both a “hero” and a “villain” body type, available with a choice of many different heads and color schemes. These figures also come with a variety of weapons and the ball joint limbs allow for maximum positioning and interchangeability.

No Musculoids collection would be complete without the Musculoids stronghold, Castle Musculon! This fully modular playset is handmade of a combination of cast rubber and resin pieces and masonite panels, which can be combined into a multitude of different figure environments.

Musculoid figures come mounted on a laminated card back, featuring artwork by some of today's top underground artists such as Martina Secondo Russo, Fernando Carpaneda, Frank Russo and Drew Maillard. Deluxe Figures come with a Musculoids mini comic- Issue #1 by Claudio Delia currently available. A cartoon series is also in the works, with a teaser by Enrico Macchiavello coming soon!

These amazing toys are currently available for purchase!
Find out more and order directly on instagram: @musculoids or email