Mike SOS & Super Morgan
Interview by Christopher Kubick

Carpazine: Mike SOS & Super Morgan, tell us about you and also what you do with F* BOMB.

Mike SOS: Hey everyone! I’m Mike SOS. Native New Yorker, born and raised (and still living in) Queens. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to execute a plethora of tasks in the music scene in NYC, from producing and booking shows both indoors and outdoors to reviewing music and interviewing artists for different zines and websites to playing countless shows with SOS, Seizure Crypt, and F*BOMB. In F*BOMB, I am one the producers of the show, and I usually do a lot of the day of show tasks as well as host, perform, and DJ the event. ‘

Morgan: I grew up in Whitestone, Queens, listening to Rock and Roll, went to Art & Design High School in Manhattan, there I was exposed to other kinds of music like Rap and Hardcore Punk, so my tastes were very mixed, I was going to L’Amours a lot in my teen years which switched over to CBGB later on, and I just soaked in all of the stuff that was going on in NYC my entire life. I’ve pretty much been a downtown kid since the 80s and never stopped playing and supporting music in the East Village and surrounding areas. I moved to the East Village in 2003 and have been what has been referred to as a “notorious scenester” ever since, and I also earned the nickname “SuperMorgan” thanks to my band SuperVillain that existed from 2001 – 2009ish. All the years of rocking out in clubs led to the birth of F*Bomb, which started out at the Delancey as a DJ party and eventually grew into the powerhouse it is today, we pay tribute to the greatest music of the past 50 years every month, and each show is a completely different experience, everything from Devo to Slayer has been covered, and we aren’t even close to done yet. The collective group of musicians continues to grow as does our fan base, and it has been a great education for me personally and allowed me to grow as a musician and as a person. I am one of the founders of the show and am now the CEO of the company, I produce a lot of the sets and I generally oversee all the intricacies of the operation from booking rehearsals to singing in shows.

Carpazine: SOS has been around for a while now how did it start and what direction is it going in right now?

Mike SOS: This year marks the 25th anniversary of SOS! We’ve been playing shows since 1995. SOS formed when Adam (original SOS singer/bassist) and I were attending Queens College. We found like minded musicians (Ray Paez and Rick Anthony) there and started rehearsing and gigging on the local circuit. Throughout all the band member changes we’ve weathered, the current incarnation of SOS (Brett Thompson-drums, Dave DeCanio-bass, and Nick Pursche-guitar) is the longest-running lineup I’ve ever had and these guys ROCK! We’re currently working on a new album with our fifth man (the incomparable Travis Harrison of Serious Business) and we’re hoping to release ROCK ’N ROLL MACHINE this year! We’ll be gigging in support of it in the spring and summer, as well as making our 21st appearance at the NYC Marathon this November! Super Morgan is in a kick ass band called Snake Canyon as well….

Morgan: About eight years ago, my good friend Joe Hogan and I decided to start a band that kicked as much ass as humanly possible, we went through a few lineup changes and eventually released a couple of albums under our own power, and we are currently writing a new record, and, along with our bandmates, AJ, Vance and Vic, we are continuing our plans of world domination, playing shows all over the city and outlying areas. You can check us out online at snakecanyonnyc.com
Official Snake Canyon NYC Snake Canyon plays Arlene's Grocery on Wed Oct 16th playing for Ten Ton Mojo's Rocktober residency at 8pm Sharp! Check out the killer press we got from out last shows: "Snake Canyon Rocks NYC With Two Shows" Check us out on social Media: Facebook and Instagram New merch is available; Shirts, Stickers, and Buttons. snakecanyonnyc.com or Facebook us at SnakeCanyonnyc.

Carpazine: You were in a band called Seizure Crypt with some pretty cool dudes. What was Seizure Crypt like and will there ever be a reunion?

Mike SOS: Seizure Crypt was the most fun I’ve ever had playing music. Hands down. Controlled chaos in its purest form. It fused every art form I enjoy into an amalgamation of anarchy, throwing the rules out the window and letting it all hang out on stage. We made albums that kicked ass and the shows we played and the friends we made from that time are forever embedded in my brain! The guys I had the pleasure of being in SC with (Tom, Doug, Bishop, Bro-Town & Darryl) are top flight musicians and even better people! A reunion is doubtful, but you can check out Tom’s new project Fragmented!

Carpazine: You and Morgan are both from Queens.. how did you guys meet?

Mike SOS: I worked at Waldbaum’s in Whitestone for 17 years, so I’m fairly certain we had seen each other there a few times, as Super Morgan is originally from Whitestone. SOS played a few F*BOMB shows back in the day (we played one of Super Morgan’s birthday shows!) and I had gone to a few FBOMBs as well. Morgan approached me to play in the Metallica F*BOMB show in 2013 and I’ve been involved with F*BOMB ever since!

Morgan: I don’t really remember our first meeting, I just know Mike started showing up at F*Bombs at the Delancey and we became familiar with one another there, not in Queens, but as we got to know each other we figured out our shared connection to Whitestone and the area. I remember Mike dressing like a spaceman at one SOS show (Mike SOS: Seizure Crypt) and booking Seizure Crypt, and at one point I thought he was a drummer and asked him to play in a show, as we became better acquainted I invited him to become a producer of the show and he said yes, and now, a decade later, we are good friends and business partners, and he is the Yin to my Yang when it comes to F*Bomb, I couldn’t have done this show for so long without him, and his patience and positive outlook, he helps me out a lot in keeping focused and dealing with all of the complicated moving parts it takes to stage a show like this month after month, for over 160 concerts. 

Carpazine:  Morgan has a huge role in F*bomb... you play a huge role as well. Who are the others who are involved in F*bomb?

Morgan: Our co-producers are Craig Cantos, Crystal Durant, Morgan Shortell and Tommy Von Voigt, they help us make decisions about what shows to put on, produce sets and perform in shows regularly. There are well over 100 musicians that have been in the F*Bomb family, so that’s way too many to name…local guys like Thomas “TJ” Jordan, Carmine Gonzalez and Jay Stone are all from the Whitestone area, but we have members from as far away as the Hudson Valley and the wilds of New Jersey.

Carpazine: What's your favorite way to ingest THC?

Mike SOS: I’m partial to chocolates, although I won’t say no to other forms and The Joker still rings true. Space cakes!

Morgan: Classic style: smoking a joint or spliff.

Carpazine: What's the last five records you listened to?

Morgan: Joe Jackson- Look Sharp, Devo- Freedom of Choice, Judas Priest- Rocka Rolla, Bad Brains- I Against I, and Bob Dylan- Highway 61 Revisited.

Mike SOS: I don’t listen to albums per se, as I have playlists of bands and put the player on shuffle. The last few I’ve shuffled were System of a Down, Deftones, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath & Kyuss/ Queens of the Stone Age.

Carpazine: What's your go-to spot for a slice of pizza?

Mike SOS: Depending on where I am. I work on the border of Brooklyn and Queens, so I usually go to Joe’s on Bedford. If I’m around my area, I’ll go to Amore (RIP Pizza Town). If I’m in the LES, I’ll hit up Rosarios across the street from Arlene’s.

Morgan: The best slice on Avenue A right now is this new spot called Baker’s, it’s alright. Back in the day it was Gloria’s in Flushing or Freddie’s in Whitestone Village, also Pizza Chef. I have also been known to have a slice as Rosario’s when I’m at Arlene’s Grocery. Shout out to the pizza at Three of Cups though, R.I.P.

Carpazine: From your childhood, who and what were the musical influences in your life?

Morgan: My first big band was The Beatles when I was a wee lad, then I got into KISS as a pre-teen, AC/DC in Junior High, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Cro-Mags, Beastie Boys, Bad Brains, Slayer, Black Uhuru, Jane’s Addiction, Public Enemy, Leeway, The Clash, Thin Lizzy, Motorhead, Rose Tattoo, Bob Marley & The Wailers. Most recently I have been listening to nothing new except local bands.

Mike SOS: I was lucky to grow up with the radio always on, so I’ve absorbed so much music in my life thanks to my parents. From my early years, it was all WCBS and Lite FM and of course, 1010 WINS! I was gifted my first transistor radio (with an ear piece!) and it was all WNEW, WPLJ & WAPP, when rock ruled the airwaves in NYC from there. Another huge influence to me were my friend Glen’s older brothers and other teenage neighbors whose unwavering support of the music showed me the rock ’n roll ropes. Their influence introduced the greatness of The Doors, Led Zeppelin and Ozzy Osbourne and got me acquainted with the likes of White Lion, Queensryche, and Quiet Riot. The syndicated late night radio program METAL SHOP was also very influential in getting me into the heavier side of things early on, as were the monthly magazines Metal Edge and RIP, which I’d voraciously tear through cover to cover. All these elements helped me form my musical palette.

Carpazine: Do you read comics? Do you have a favorite cartoon character or comic book character?

Morgan: I actually work in comics. I am the head grader at Metropolis Collectibles / ComicConnect, and I also write and edit their auction catalogs. So, no, I hate comic books. Just kidding, not really into comics anymore as I am surrounded by them every day, but my favorites are still Heavy Metal Magazine, Elfquest, X-Men and Underground Comix like Zap and Slow Death. My favorite characters growing up were Wolverine, Conan, Ghost Rider, Deathlok, Punisher, and the Horny Biker Sluts.

Mike SOS: Not into comics, although my brother John The Doorman used to run a card and comic shop. I dig the Super Friends from Saturday morning cartoons!

Carpazine: Cherry Valley or Christine's?

Mike SOS: Cherry Valley. I’ve never eaten at Christina’s.

Morgan: Cherry Valley, never heard of Christine’s.

Carpazine: If you were stuck on a desert island with only one album to listen to for your remaining days which album would it be?

Mike SOS: Black Sabbath- We Sold Our Soul for Rock N Roll

Morgan: I think I’d have to go with Revolver by the Beatles.

Mike SOS: Thanks so much for the interview, Chris! Check out F*BOMB the last Saturday of every month at Arlene’s Grocery!

Carpazine: Thanks so much dude for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this, I appreciate it very much.