“Art Survival / Living With It” 

Trying to make sense of the man made world and all of its micro parts is enough to make anyone lose their footing on the road to purpose. Purpose and pure creativity separates the meaningful human life experience and a state of nonexistence. 

Energy and emotions are willed to exist / live with us in images. Working as raw visual feelings, images containing notes for survival, and needed communication. Lines, colors, splashes a world of tools all able to capture moments that last for an eternity. Live beyond this one human life, live beyond this fleeting moment. Live beyond this need, this want. 

The moment, overlaying moments, time is compressed into faces, places, eyes, lines, dashes, hooks, bodies, pathways to the now, and the unknown. The runaway feelings, smash and pour out onto the canvas, into a photo, or emerge as a sculpture having a chance to function and coexist / living in the human world: A 3rd reality beyond human life. 

Michael Alan