Matthew Benedon

I don’t really have a technique. I will simply paint something and then I will continuously paint over it until I feel that it is finished. It’s layers on top of layers on top of layers. I don’t ever go to the canvas with an idea of what I’m painting or what it’s going to look like. I completely surrender to the process, and for that reason I not only do not know what the paintings will look like when they are finished, but I also have no idea how long a painting is going to take. I’ve finished paintings in weeks; months, and sometimes even years. 

When I first started painting, my paintings were even more abstract than they are now. They were simply colors, but eventually faces began to emerge. And although you don’t see it in all of my work, I started incorporating quotes and sayings and messages and inspiration with each painting. I feel that these are real people and they have things they want to say and to express. That is why I give each painting an actual name for its title. 

When I paint, all of the emotions that comprise the human psyche seep through my subconscious like a spaghetti strainer and are showered onto the canvas, creating the caricature of a raw & perfectly imperfect human being. Similar to the inkblot test, a person can look at one of my paintings and identify with a particular emotion that may very well contrast the emotion or feeling that another individual identifies with. It is human nature for us to identify with certain emotions & certain personalities and to label ourselves as such. The truth is, we are not just one of these but all of them. Each of these temperaments works together in concert to create the complexity that is the human psyche. When we identify with certain traits while disowning others, our lives will feel out of balance and incomplete. Only when you accept each and every one of these qualities as part of the tumultuous and capricious person that you are, will you be set free.