My name is Mark Paich. Operating under the moniker Pai.chi, I am a professional artist / illustrator working out of NYC. I make personal work, as well as illustrating for musicians, authors, and breweries. My work has varied and changed through the years. The images you see here lean into my illustration and music inspired background. I work with: etching, pen, graphite, digital media, and video stills. In addition to more traditional mediums, I also make works with the Etch A Sketch. I take the children’s toy and twist it into highly detailed surreal illustrations and, using a special process, make them permanent. My content and message shifts, but a persistent driving force has been taking my anxiety; and forging it into a visual. I am a Maker. I want others to make, relentlessly, with no boundaries.


“Fit for A King”. Etching, 12”x9”,2013.