My art is motivated by curiosity. I feel an urge to respond to current global issues, reflect time and situations I find myself in. I am interested in subjects that are universally human: identity, sexuality, social status, religious, and political ideologies. Pencil has been the first art media that I chose to code my experiences; by using symbolism and surrealistically fluid-anthropomorphic figures.
Exploration of performance allowed me to express situations that otherwise would not be accepted growing up in post-soviet Lithuania. The necessity to step out of my comfort zone is an inseparable part of my creative process. I am also interested in artistic-social investigation. In my art practice, I encourage myself to address criticism of consumer behavior and undertake wider explorations of the Anthropocene.
I am interested in the pre-Christian pagan religion as well as Lithuanian oral tradition, folklore, and mythology.  I identify myself with animism belief that everything has a soul or spirit. I believe in individuality and singularity that has raised my current interest in post-humanism and rational secularism.