Lynnda Rakos grew up drawing, doodling, reading comic books, and watching cartoons in Montreal. She studied graphic design and once, had a job painting merry-go-round horses throughout the city. From there to Los Angeles, where she applied her talents to designing children's clothing.  Now, back to her first love art, using contemporary celebrities' personas in imaginative and unexpected ways. Lynnda Rakos creates powerful, colorful, and provocative statements in her paintings. Inspired by mid-century art, vibrant graphic images, and the ever-changing sensibilities of pop culture; the viewer’s senses are stimulated beyond words. She loves to work with acrylic paint, watercolor, and her new favorite: digital art work.

“My pop art series have all been produced during the years 2019 and 2020.  All of this work is digital. When I reproduce them I personally love them large. The square ones are 30" x 30" but can be reproduced smaller or larger. The rectangular ones are 30" x 40" (same for those). After they are printed the fun begins with acrylic paint, glitter, rhinestones and other types of embellishments to create a truly mixed media piece.”