Luis Martin / The Art Engineer 

The Debutant of the Yucatan

2017, Collage, print 
This is a inquisitive fantasy about what would have happened if I would have been born in the land my father was born and if I would have been a woman. 

A Memory A Habit
2016 Collage, print .The collage is about our subversive American histories that weighs on us and we try to ascend. 
Luis Martin / The Art Engineer 

The Luxury of Darkness 
2017 Collage, print .There is an abundance of treasures and reflection that emerges in the dark. 
Luis Martin / The Art Engineer  

I am a New York artist originally from Los Angeles. Collaging, to me, is the ultimate democratic and political art practice. Its source material can be anything and everything available to the artist. Every choice the artist makes gives new meaning and context to the images being collaged. By exercising appropriation, an act usually limited to those with absolute power, I give meaning to the images around me instead of it being imposed on me through media and advertisement. 
I created the term “The Art Engineer” to remind myself of the power artists have to “engineer” and show the possibilities of a better society. By creating conversation about identity and pop-culture my work becomes a mirror that reflects the familiar in altered perspectives. 
Through my work, I create a space where the viewer and I can playfully and make sense of the nonsense in our everyday. 
Each collage is created into a limited edition print of 25. My prints are meant to be lived with, collected, and rotated. It is exciting to build a portfolio of work that moves and inspires the viewer while expressing something genuine about them.