My name is Luciano Sanchez, I was born in the late 70’s in Granada, Spain, and I have a degree from the University of Fine Arts in Granada. My work is influenced by an artistic movement that emerged in the late 1970’s in California known as Lowbrow Art or Pop Surrealism. These genres allow me to have a field of creation where the main protagonists are elements of popular culture, underground comics, kustom kulture or pop culture among others. There is always a dose of pessimism and post-apocalyptic connotations all mixed together. In addition, my work is loaded with references to the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s as a yearning for a better past. The concept of the urban has been a fundamental element in the later years of my production, the graffiti, the noise of the streets and dirt have crept into my imagery. In recent years my work has turned towards a movement called Urban Surrealism. My works were exhibited at the show about Aesop's fables at Brassworks Gallery Portland, USA in 2021. Now my work takes place in urban spaces where the stories are part of the cities, overcrowded, dirty, and full of walls with graffiti.