Long Island Biennial 2020 at the Heckscher Museum of Art!

The 2020 Long Island Biennial, a juried exhibition featuring exceptional art from contemporary artists across Suffolk and Nassau Counties, received a record 800+  artwork entries, with 100 works selected for exhibition.  The final exhibition represents 52 artists living in Long Island communities stretching from Freeport to Port Washington to Shelter Island Heights. For the first time, most artists will show two or three artworks, presenting viewers with a fuller picture of their recent work.

Inaugurated in 2010, the Long Island Biennial offers Long Island’s professional artists a singular opportunity to share their work through a prestigious exhibition, and provides a unique and exciting space for visitors to see a snapshot of contemporary art on Long Island.

“In the year of our centennial, it was serendipitous that the three jurors happened to select 100 artworks for exhibition,” said Karli Wurzelbacher, Curator. “The volume and quality of the submissions challenged the jurors, yet resulted in a remarkable exhibition that incorporates many media, genres, and styles.”

The jurors for the 2020 Biennial are Erin Kimmel, Art Writer and Ph.D. candidate in Art History at Stony Brook University; Heidi Lange, Director of DC Moore Gallery, New York City; and Paton Miller, Artist/Curator. The exhibition opens October 15, 2020.

Long Island Biennial is sponsored by Pien and Hans Bosch.

Long Island Biennial  2020 Exhibiting Artists

Denise Jones Adler, David Almeida, Chris Ann Ambery, Deborah Buck, Susan Buroker, Fernando Carpaneda, Philippe Cheng, Patricia Colombraro, Janet Culbertson, Karen Cunningham, Wendy Curtis, Christine D’Addario, Caro Dranow, Paul Farinacci, Michael Ferran, Andrea Fortunoff, Thomas Germano, Glen Hansen, Wei-An Huang, Holly Hunt, Kenneth Jackson, Anna Jurinich, Roshanak Keyghobadi, Joyce Kubat, Dawn Lee, John Linnemeyer, Danielle Livoti, William Low, Christa  Maiwald, Martha McAleer, Kevin McEvoy, Luke Merz, Nancy Metz, Kristine Perelle, Lisa Petker Mintz, Howie Pohl, Han Qin, Doug Reina, Meredith Rose, Lauren  Ruiz, Khurshid Saleem, Ellen Hallie Schiff, Sungsook Setton, Alisa Shea, Barbara Stein, Adam Straus, Ty Stroudsburg, Lieve Thiers, Sarah Turnbull, Mark Van Wagner, Claire Watson, Mia Wisnoski.