Kirk Morgenegg is an American itinerant multimedia artist.  His work has been shown internationally and across the United States in private and public shows, from Venice, Italy to Venice, California.  He has worked in diverse media, including:  ceramic, clay, resin, collage, oil paint, cement, and other media and design.  He is the creator of the internationally popular, bestselling Angel Cheeks line of figures, which were inspired by his hand-made, bespoke, ceramic and clay sculptures.  Recently, Kirk has produced and installed a series of mixed-media sculptures, known as ORB.  For more information, visit his social media pages:  Instagram:  kirkmorgenegg and ORB ART
“My ORB Project started with a curiosity.  What would I sculpt if I was taking a deeper look into something specific?  What’s inside the gazing ball?  What’s down the rabbit hole?  Crack open an ugly rock and you find a geode filled with crystals!
ORB has a direct correlation with living in NYC.  ORB sculptures are made of cement, light but durable, an illusion of how we perceive heaviness.  In an effort to participate and give back to the community, I have put my sculptures out on the street for people to interact with or pass by unnoticed.  I light them when possible; plant in them; and create scenes of delight. 
I have always loved Graffiti and the spaces it seems to appear, connecting with the size, color and messages it conveys.  Living in major cities, yet maintaining my roots in nature from time spent in Colorado and the southwest, I have a deep appreciation for art that not only adapts but enhances its environment.  I have been excited and fortunate enough to collaborate with Graffiti artists using ORB as a canvas.  DAZ is one such artist that has put his tag on one ORB, and it looks fantastic! 
ORB for me was my personal exploration of art.  The size and volume of my project is what created a momentum for me—once I started, I couldn’t stop making ORB.  I have been commissioned by a surprising number of people for their personal ORB needs and installations.”

Artist pictured at 71st street Westend Ave. Photography by Starry Rabbit.