Kevin Hallagan

Born in New Jersey, Kevin Hallagan’s cinematic studies and pursuits led him through six states including Los Angeles where he currently resides and expresses those life experiences through a variety of techniques and mediums. Growing from concepts in his notebook which come crashing into his head whenever is least convenient, Kevin’s rapidly evolving body of work fosters a contemplative sense of discovery and imagination enabling creativity, and encouraging those who experience his art to consider the beauty, possibility, and meaningfulness in their own surroundings. 

We really like his sculptural installation titled “Forest Spirit” which is on display at the Westfield Valencia Town Center Art Space in Valencia California through February of 2018. “Forest Spirit” is an exploration of the Whitetail Deer, and its peaceful wandering. The sculpture consists of an articulated deer skeleton with a head made of glass shards. The glass head is an expression of thoughtful observation; light passes through like the sights and sounds and smells of the forest. 

Readers can find this and more of Kevin’s work on his Instagram account @Kevin_Hallagan_Art