JUVENTUDE MALDITA (Brasil)- klub Buben - Praha - 26.3

Juventude Maldita (damned youth) started in 1997 with 3 young guys who wanted to say what they think without concessions. The band was and stills being strongly related to anarchism and antifascism and playing a style that mixes punk-rock, hardcore and some rock and reggae with political lyrics, melodic lines and agressive vocals, strongly influenced by the first wave of brazilian punk and UK´s punk and Oi! music.The band recorded their first tracks in 1998 for the "Punk-Rock: Distorção & Resistência" compilation, released by their own independent punk label "Rebel Music Records" and between 2000 and 2001 recorded their first split album "Total Punk" (the other side is another São Paulo punk band from the 90´s called Resistência). This first record was the responsable for the consolidation of the band in the brazilian punk / hc scene, followed by many concerts and leading the band to record a tribute to the brazilian most important punk band "Cólera" at the tribute compilation "Vira-Latas". After that, the band recorded between 2004 and 2005 what is considered their most influencial album "Germinal", released in 2006. In 2008 the band recorded 8 songs for the split cd "Quem de Medo Corre, de Medo Morre" (the other side was the UK´s legendary band Cock Sparrer´s ex-guitar player Chris Skepis new band, "Final Fight"), followed by their first european tour.Last year the band returned to Europe for a second tour, released the vynil Ep "Resistência Antifascista" and 2 videoclips to promote it. After comming back the band recorded the new and still unreleased vynil EP "Razão, Emoção & Distorção", that shall be released at the beginning of 2016 and right now, together with finishing this records artwork, they are recording another Ep under the title "Manual do Guerrilheiro Urbano", with special guests members of Cólera, Olho Seco, Restos de Nada, 365, Lixomania, Phobia Punk Rockers and others, that shall be released next year also.In the last years, the band toured opening concerts for Doom (UK), Steve Drewett (Newtown Neurotics / UK), Rattus (Finland), Terveet Kadett (Finland), Lama (Finland), Los Fastidios (Italy) and also as Fábio Sampaio´s (Olho Seco´s singer and only former member) parallel project, called "Olho Maldito", playing all over Brazil and also in other South American countries. After almost 19 years of band, Juventude Maldita stills playing regular concerts supporting Antifa and brazilian punk scene and showing to the world that brazilian punk stills alive and kicking.