"Just Penis"

Fifty. From Fifth Avenue executives to beggars and skinheads, fifty male models responded to online ads inviting… to have his phallus drawn. Contrary to what many might think, 60% of the male models were heterosexual. After four years spanning the years 2008-2011, 116 drawings and photographs were made of a diverse collection of penises. There were several times that Fernando Carpaneda put himself at risk or, to say the least, in unusual situations in order to present this innovative experience.

Fernando invites us to enter their daily lives, and more than that, to enter the bowels of what is done in secret by men in times when no one is watching. It is around this experience with a parade of unknown genitalia that comes the title of the exhibition: Just Penis.

Fernando Carpaneda has spent decades expressing himself in a multitude of media. Journeying from sculpture to painting, drawing to engraving, he has shown great resourcefulness in all of them.

"Just Penis Exhibiiton at Arte XXX.

Definitely a multifaceted artist. His sculptures, portraying gay scenes are iconic. The delicacy of his painting is recognized worldwide, especially, the incredible miniature paintings of tattoos using just a single hair. His work centers around the dichotomy between the subject’s highly explicit sexuality and lyrically subtle. While his influences have unconsciously changed the artist cites: Hans Bellmer, Mimosa Pale, Tim Noble and Sue Webster.