Growing up in Oceana some of my fondest memories are watching classic Hollywood movies with my Grandpa and remembering how his face would change almost come to a glow when he would see the old Hollywood stars come onto the television screen. After almost 60 years just seeing their face would transport him back to his childhood. This was where my fascination with portraits and the affect they can have first started. Not only do I draw inspiration from classic Hollywood but also from music and the icons that are relateable to the music genre. Much like Andy Warhol I’m a firm believer that people relate most to film and music and seeing a portrait of a musician can take you back to a certain point in your life much like seeing the classic movie stars done for my Grandpa.In my portraits I try to incorporate any medium I can in order to get a full spectrum effect. From oil, acrylic, marker, pen, pencil, charcoal, pastel, chalk, and ink. My wide use in mediums came from researching Andy Warhol and how he used screen printing and other mediums to produce his artwork. I always thought to myself if you become comfortable only painting in one style and using only a certain type of medium then you’re confining yourself and not allowing the full art experince. With my pieces I try to give the public a visual show or pop with bright colors and putting a twist on these classic characters that are both intriguing and sometimes humerous. With that being said… hopefully when you view these portraits they will transport you back in time to a childhood memory, a trip to the drive – in, a record you bought, or maybe just the creation of a new memory with a different maybe humerous outlook on a classic face. Feel free to check out my studio online at:\woodsstudio13

Jimmy Woods 

I base my art arround this philosophy. Nothing can take you back to a certain fond memory or hold as much nostalgia as a portrait can. One thing that has always drawn me to create portraits whether it be the classic or pop art style that my inspiration Andy Warhol capitalized on is the fact that a persons face will forever be captured at that certain moment in their life…almost as if they are frozen in time much like a photograph…only in paint and on canvas.

DD Allin and the Munchkin Junkies 16"x20" mixed media on canvas