Get Out of the Rain

 Popcorn Pipsqueak


You've Got a Frog in Me

Don't Leave Without Me

Jaymes Fedor

Gender and sexuality are elusive little concepts that ebb and flow through the unapologetic autobiographical art of Jaymes Fedor. Her work explores vulnerability, sexuality, and isolation through playful compositions and uncertain companionships. The bizarre little drawings and the colorful freaky stuff in between are the important journey of interpreting herself. While at times family-unfriendly, connecting with the humor and sadness of her images she learns about herself as she teaches us about ourselves. 

After receiving a BFA in painting from Northern Illinois University in 2015 Jaymes moved from Rockford, Illinois to Philadelphia. She enjoys feeding her cat little treats with her beloved partner, Frances, and collecting pregnant dolls. You can see more of Jaymes’ work at and on Instagram @sewer_peach.

Found Your Dolls