Boudior by Ya

Jantira Namwong, (nickname Ya), from Chiang Mai, Thailand, started her professional photography career in magazine publishing, but underneath she had a burning passion to do Boudoir and Nude Photography.  Despite Thailand’s strict Buddhist culture, Ya ventured into her heart’s desire, overcoming her initial reluctance to show her erotic side.

Around 2015, she began to shoot sexy photos of friends to surprise their partners with. Or, single women who wanted to try something sexy to break out of their normal everyday appearance or give themselves self-confidence after a bad relationship.  Ya would turn ordinary women into fantasy supermodels in incredibly diverse ways using theatrical settings, wild costumes, and make-up.

In her second year of doing erotic shoots, she started to get noticed in Thailand and having Boudoir and Nude Photo shows in various parts of the country.  Her erotica had become high caliber, matching or surpassing her male counterparts who dominated the field.  In her third year she started her own Boudoir workshops around Thailand, attracting photographers from all over the world who wanted to shoot alongside her. They marveled at her unique style and incredible ensemble of gorgeous models.  Venturing outside Thailand, she has done nude and erotic outdoor photoshoots under the name Asia Exotica by Ya.  

Ya has roamed all over the globe, doing mostly glamour and nudes, also some traditional shooting in: USA, Mexico, Japan, Sweden, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Vanuatu, Mongolia, and Myanmar.