Doug Firmino

    Doug Firmino Nightmares Series - Pencil on Paper


How did you initially become interested in art?

When I was a child my father wrote all of the time at home. I was trying to draw something to show to him. But, everything began when I scribbled on his martial arts books. This was my first step in art. After this episode, the drawing grew in my life like a big virus. A big addiction. 
What media do you prefer?

I like traditional media, as analogical as possible. Paper and pencil or sketchbooks are my favorite tools in the world. But, now I am learning about printmaking: another amazing classical media.
Did you go to art school and if so, where?

Yes! I went to UnB (University of Brasília). I studied in the department of art. A place where they have people with amazing works. It is so cool, when the movement has the strength to walk alone!
What is your theme and why is it important to you?

My theme is the grotesque. My art is about my life: my fears and failures and pain. I try put in my drawing everything which touches my life or my memories. I put my body and image of a victim inside of my drawings.
What art or artists inspire you?

The artist which are inspire my work are Miguel Simão, Sergio Rizo, Eduardo Belga, Rafael Carlos Trinco, Dona Dora, Flávio Soneka, Flávia Lima, and Eba Lima.
What is your favorite music?

I like so much of Rock 'n' Roll, my favorite bands are Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Kadavar, Ramones, The Doors, Ufomammut, and others.
Is there a town or place in the world you consider inspiring?

The place is the Ceilândia neighborhood in which I grew up. Many stranger things happening there, this is the inspiration for my work.
Anything you would like to add?

Drawings, Drugs, and Destruction- this is the formula of life.