Exclusive Interview with Geo from "Examine" and "None Above All"
Interview by Christopher Kubic 

CK: Geo, you are no stranger to playing in bands. Tell us about the first band you were ever in... how many bands have you been in since then, and who are you currently playing with?

Geo: The first band I was in, I was 14 and I was the drummer. The band was called  Xperience and it started out as a New Wave band and it evolved into a metal band. Towards the end of that band I lost interest in being a drummer and learned to play the guitar. After it broke up I was looking to play guitar in something much heavier. I met Frank 2 Far around the early 90's through some mutual friends and he was in a band that was looking for a bassist. That is when I picked up the bass and never looked back on my choice of instrument.

Around 2010 while still in Step2Far, I was approached by Rob from Black Train Jack about playing bass in a band that he was putting together. The band was named American Monster and it was me on bass, Rob on vocals, Scott from Flat Earth Society on guitar, Justin from Turn It Up! on guitar, and Kevin from Buried Alive on drums. We recorded a three song demo with Jimmy Williams at Night Owl studio and performed a couple of times, but due to creative differences things did not last.

After that, Scott put together Silence Equals Death and Justin went back to Turn It Up! Eventually, both those bands needed a bassist and I wound up playing in both along with S2F. During that time I also played in an indie/alternative rock trio called Black Heart Diary for a bit after their bassist left.

Right now I am currently playing with two NYC hardcore bands: Examine & None Above All. I also fill in on bass every once in a while for the punk band Necrotic Society.

CK: Godzilla or King Kong? Who is the king of all monsters?

Geo: I have to go with the giant radioactive lizard that represents the evils of nuclear warfare.

CK: What's the last five albums that you listened to?

Geo: Paradise - Paint It Black

Closer - Joy Division

In Darkness, There Is No Choice - Antisect

Cuts - Battalion of Saints The Soundtrack to John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness

CK: Right now in New York City would you consider the scene to be more political than it was when you first started going to shows?

Geo: The scene has always been political, I don't think it is any more than it was before. It is now more inclusive and tolerant, and that's a good thing.

CK: Who was the first bass player that made you want to step your game up after hearing them?

Geo: John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, that man is underrated. I love Geddy Lee, John Entwhistle... and they get their props, but JPJ deserves more love.

CK: From a recent conversation between the two of us you were telling me that you follow a vegan diet. When did you become a vegan and was there any cause and effect that made you decide to follow a vegan diet?

Geo: I became vegetarian around six years ago and I have been vegan for about a year. I chose that path because most of my life I have had pets and have been an animal lover. I felt very hypocritical that I showed compassion for certain animals while I consumed others. I do not do it for my health, even though it has benefited my in that way.

CK: What beverage do you prefer to quench your thirst when in the studio practicing and or write a new material?

Geo: Nothing like a good refreshing German or Belgian style wheat beer. Weihenstephaner, Paulaner, Allagash White, just to name a few.

CK: Do you read comic books and if so do you have a favorite comic book character?

Geo: I used to read and collect when I was a kid in the 70's and stopped when I graduated from elementary school. My favorite character was Namor, The Sub-Mariner because he was more of an antihero than superhero.

CK: To the young musicians out there right now who might find it easily to be deterred from a path of writing music and playing in a band.... any words of wisdom you'd like to pass along to them?

Geo: Do it for yourself, creating is good for the mind and body. To me that's a greater reward than being paid to play someone else's music.

CK: Do you think the president is going to be re-elected?

Geo: I think he is going to be re-elected. Not because he deserves it, only because his competition sucks. This country needs to revamp its voting system so we can have more choices at the ballot box. The current system we use only allows two parties to flourish at a time. Changing it is the only way for the country to escape the stranglehold of the two current major parties. Of course it's not going to be easy because they control the government and are not going to pass laws that would go against their own interests.The Democrats and the Republicans are like wrestlers, they pretend to hate each other in public, but behind closed doors they are all getting over on us and making tons of money doing it. They love playing the good cop/bad cop game and the population falls for it hook, line, and sinker.

CK: What should the world expect in the near future from Geo?

Geo: Next up are recordings from both Examine and None Above All, and hopefully more gigs in 2020

CK: Thank you so much dude for taking the time to do this much appreciated.

Geo: You're welcome.

None Above All photo by Carl Gunhouse.