II Punk Art Exhibition, is a living portrait of the movement's entrails and brings to the public the diversity, urgency and talent, in all its viscerality, of the most varied artistic expressions that are born and grow (but do not die) within the Brazilian punk culture in recent years. From painting on t-shirts to photography, from collage to poetry, from drawing to video, this exhibition brings together an audacious selection of artists coming from the practice of punk in their scenes, which, in the sincerity of their expressions and in the quality of works, over the years of struggle, and their attitudes.

Artists: André Araújo, Ariel Uliana Jr, Augusto Miranda, Camilo Maia, Carlos Gerbase, Daniel Lima, DMNT, Evelise Dadolini, Felipe Apezzatti, Felix Barreira, Fernando Carpaneda, Keulin Souza, Lennon Dux , Luciana Tomasi, Madô Lopez, Mogli, Orlando Fuzz, Pedro Brandão, Pris Sacrilégio, Shantall, Simone Rego, Túlio de Lima.

For more information, and see the art work, visit: https://mostradeartepunk.art.br

Mais informações no site da II Mostra de Arte Punk: https://mostradeartepunk.art.br