II Punk Art Exhibition!

"II Punk Art Exhibition, is a living portrait of the movement's entrails and brings to the public the diversity, urgency and talent, in all its viscerality, of the most varied artistic expressions that are born and grow (but do not die) within the Brazilian punk culture in recent years".

"Don’t be a douche, be nice to everybody. I believe that’s the first stage of anarchism! Be an excellent fella to everybody except a fucking Nazi!! Fuck those guys!! Big time!!"

Exclusive Interview with 
Mike Blanx of BLANKS 77!

"Not really… NYC always had a good scene in the early 90s. Used to goto ABC No Rio on saturdays...CBGB Sundays, Pipeline in Newark, NJ on Thursdays. Punk Rock started getting pretty big in the mid 90s due to Offspring and Green Day on the radio. It brought a shit ton of kids from the suburbs into the city. But, no static."

"DETHRACE is a theatrical art rock experience... Ten foot tall fiberglass super-robots play 666 volts of ear blasting Heavy Metal Music! 


CARPAZINE ART MAGAZINE ISSUE NUMBER 33! Featuring an Exclusive Interview with Mike Blanx of BLANKS 77! More: Gaither, Debbie Korbel, Gilles Deschamps, II Punk Art Exhibition (II Mostra de Arte Punk), Craig Odle, Poems by Christopher M. Kubick and Art by Andrew Paszel, The Exploited, Cro-Mags, Total Chaos at Melrose Ballroom in New York, Colombia Graffiti and many More!

Poems by Christopher M. Kubick and Art by Andrew Paszel!

"Christopher and Andrew were both born in Queens, NY. Together they shared an apartment on College Point Blvd, while at the same time they were in the NYC hardcore punk rock band Yo!Scunt. Both were going through a dark period in their lives. This collaboration reflects on that period".


"Nationally you may have seen Gaither's art on CD covers and/or shirt designs on one of the hundreds of bands and personalities that he has done work for such as for Municipal Waste, Testament, The Misfits, The Undead, Hirax, The Accused, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, GG Allin, The Murder Junkies, Guns-N-Roses, original Dawn of the Dead zombies, Guitar Hero and many more."

Craig Odle!

"Craig Odle is a lowbrow painter who finds inspiration in day to day life. The concepts he uses in his paintings come to him from conversations, music, movies, dreams and sometimes just odd thoughts. The titles used for his pieces generally speak to whatever idea that was used in the conception of the piece. Sometimes his pieces have a deep or dark meaning..."

Debbie Korbel!

"Debbie Korbel is an artist whose creativity has been applied to various media including sculpture as well as writing television comedy scripts, and song lyrics. Her work has been exhibited in multiple museums across the country and collected internationally, including a public art display in Times Square, NYC. She is thrilled to include Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith, as one of her collectors".

"Postcards From The Edge: Posters And Artwork Of The NYC Punk Scene"includes many original flyers and posters from the 1970's to the present. "

"I met the Exploited when we were in London in January of ‘82. Joined them in the studio and did backing vocals on “Germs”... great times." 




Gilles Deschamps!

"Proving  that Rock ‘n’ Roll doesn’t keep itself to only music: That’s what Gilles Deschamps’ artistic work is all about. Gilles is a 30 year-old Belgian illustrator, animator, writer, and musician. He is also possessed by the earthly delights that are hailed in Rock n’ Roll music".


"When I was about 12 or 13 it was common in our town to fight and fuck. That’s just what you did. You either got in fist fights or you fucked each other."

"So, I saw this guy there, and said, “Hi, how are you?” and shook his hand and talked to him a little bit. It was only after that that I realized it was Charlie Hofheimer. Lol."

The Exploited, Cro-Mags, Total Chaos. May 19, 2022!

Carpazine was there! THE EXPLOITED, Melrose Ballroom, Queens, NY! Fantastic show! Great band! Great trio of bands! A guest appearance by Jake Kolatis, from The Calsuaties during Sex & Violence brought the Punk Energy! Maybe we are just getting older, but the venue was definitely not used to punk shows. The horror, epic in security's eyes! They didn’t know what they were in for when they booked these three bands. No stage diving??? Throw us out??? Not the right energy.