Bleach is a part of Heather Freitas of Recycled Heart Fine Art`s Wasteland series and is made of newspaper, paper bags, embroidery floss, ink and acrylic paint on deep edge gallery wrapped canvas varnished with a crystal clear gloss finish to last generations to come.

It is my goal with my work to bring this passion to others. They say that one person cannot change the world, but it is with my deepest hopes that my artwork can.

"When I say artist I mean the one who is building things...some with a brush, some with a shovel, some choose a pen."~ Jackson Pollock

We can all be artists and build a better world.

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Heather Freitas

We live in a world today that is ever changing and evolving. Unfortunately, we are not evolving in the most important aspect of the world we live in: The world itself. No matter where you put yourself in the world, many people go on their lives day to day in a trance; having heard possibly about the effects of garbage and pollution, but, not truly understanding about the impact that it is having all around us. From animals and plants to mankind we are slowly deteriorating everything that we have worked to create and all the things around us that keep us going.

I have always drifted my glance at things that many people look past. The delicate beauty of things others call trash. Realizing that I could create work out of these materials that are slowly decomposing the world around us was a life changer for me. While I always loved and cared for everything in the world around me, my artwork has changed me even further as a person. It has brought about an even greater understanding and education of the world as a whole and the impact that our waste is having on it. My work has created and even stronger passion to help spread awareness of this issue and it has affected my everyday life.