Graffiti Pier Philadelphia. Photos by Gregory Norris. 

Even broken and shattered glass glistens spectacularly here on Graffiti Pier. Nature’s sinew wraps weathering silently around concrete, strong masses give way to gentle persistence. Distant machinery and muffled bustle of Fishtown wanders and winds between the columns.

Exploring groups gaze in silence reserved for houses of worship, libraries, and memorials. Varied visual stimuli overtakes and takes visitors in, into a world of different lenses leaving a sense of order in chaos. Naturally organized by chance creating and
experiencing together an acceptance into the bosom of something greater than its parts.

Theodore DeGraff
August 2020

The Master Plan for the Central Delaware outlined initial ideas for a new and unique waterfront park in this area. After years of advocacy by the DRWC, community advocates, and near neighbors, the opportunity to enhance Graffiti Pier as a waterfront park that preserves the cultural values of the space presented itself in early 2019. DRWC entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Conrail to transfer 6 acres of their waterfront property, which includes Graffiti Pier, to DRWC for the creation of a publicly accessible park.